AGA Collaborative was created as a space to reflect on and sweat through ideas. Formed in 2011 by dance artists Gretchen Alterowitz, Alison Bory, and Amanda Hamp, the company digs into questions about the experience of being alive in this moment. We wrestle with making collectively, and what that can do in the world. We show up. We work. We work with presence. We move. We remember. We wonder. We are all in this together.




Locate us:

Gretchen Alterowitz identifies with her roots in Montana but currently lives in Charlotte, NC. 

Alison Bory has circled the edges of the US and finds herself at home in Davidson, NC – a small New England college town in the south. 

Amanda Hamp is from Pocahontas, IA, and now lives in Albuquerque, NM.


AGA Collaborative, Minneapolis 2012
L to R : Amanda Hamp, Gretchen Alterowitz, Alison Bory