Working across geographical distance, AGA Collaborative rigorously explores the possibilities of co-creating. We engage methods of collaboration in the realms of choreography, performance, writing, and teaching.

Our choreographic collaboration emphasizes the process of dancemaking and the possibilities of creating a shared space. We approach choreography as an act of research — into the experience of being, what the language of the body can communicate, and how bodies on stage can speak to the world. Our work presents multiple perspectives, layers of meaning, and a range of experience that are beyond the reach of a single choreographer.

In our choreography, we are dedicated to investigating different ways of thinking about and viewing dancing bodies on stage. Prioritizing intimacy and connection over bodily display, our work offers alternative ways of watching female bodies perform. Rather than creating experiences of diversion and spectacle, we aim to create compositions that allow for audience reflection and reflexivity. We approach the stage as a multidimensional space and a site for community building — amongst ourselves and with everyone in the room. From its vigorous dancing to its quiet contemplation, our performance work is always full-bodied and whole-hearted. We share the desire to have dance speak to something profound in our own lives, and to be available to and relevant for the audiences who experience it.

Locate us:

Gretchen Alterowitz identifies with her roots in Montana but currently lives in Charlotte, NC. 

Alison Bory has circled the edges of the US and finds herself at home in Davidson, NC – a small New England college town in the south. 

Amanda Hamp is from Pocahontas, IA, and now lives in Albuquerque, NM.


AGA Collaborative, Minneapolis 2012
L to R : Amanda Hamp, Gretchen Alterowitz, Alison Bory