AGA Collaborative would love to visit your college or university. We sustain individual teaching practices at our home institutions (Davidson College, University of New Mexico, University of North Carolina, Charlotte), and are committed to collaborative teaching in guest residencies.

We offer classes in contemporary techniques, improvisation, and composition; lectures and workshops on our collaborative practices; collaborative choreography for and with student dancers; and performances of our work.

In addition to our residencies connected to the Anthem for a Porcelain Generation project, we have participated in various other teaching and choreographic residencies, including:

SHIFT | Dance Festival, Albuquerque, NM

October 18 and 21, 2017

Public workshop and lecture demonstration as part of the SHIFT | Dance Festival.

UNC Chapel Hill, Department of Physical Activity

February 2015

A master class for dancers and actors that explored using text to facilitate improvisation, movement generation, and composition. Part of our residency for the Geomancy project. 

Luther College, Department of Visual and Performing Arts

September 19–22, 2012

Four-day teaching residency in which we worked with composition students; taught contemporary techniques; and performed Like a turtle without a shell, or crow's feet, with a post-performance discussion.