Jeanmarie Higgins: AGA Collaborative company dramaturg (2013-present)

Dr. Higgins works regularly with AGA on choreography projects, collaborating with us to feel, think through, and make decisions about the pieces we make.

Geomancy: Divination by Geography (2015)

In February 2015, AGA Collaborative joined forces with Elisabeth Lewis Corley (playwright, actor), Elizabeth T. Gray, Jr. (poet), Jeanmarie Higgins (dramaturg), and Joseph Megel (director) for Gemoancy: Divination by Geography, a poetry/mixed-media/dance performance on the subject of World War I. The project was produced by the Process Series at UNC Chapel Hill, and included a 5-day residency and 2 public performances.

Movement Work at a Distance: Affordances and Challenges (2014)

Dr. Celine Latulipe, Associate Professor in the Department of Software and Information Systems at UNC Charlotte, gave a talk on AGA Collaborative’s use of technology in dancemaking, entitled "Movement Work at a Distance: Affordances and Challenges." For more on her research, follow this link.